Roles & Responsibilities

The opportunity:

We are seeking for a DevOps Engineer to participate in the requirement gathering and design workshops to understand the requirements and the design approach used by the vendor.

The Talent

  • A minimum of 5 years of experience with Agile development and DevOps practices
  • Experience with .NET Core and C#, JavaScript/TypeScript or other similar languages
  • CICD Experience – Infrastructure side experience as well. Application Deployment and Environment Deployment experience
  • Must have worked in an Agile environment.
  • Working knowledge of C Sharp
  • Basic knowledge of Java
  • Azure DevOps/TFS

The Job

  • Identify areas for DevOps tooling and process improvement.Summarize the overall quality of the adoption of DevOps tooling and process by the project team.
    List findings and recommendations in detail.
    Prioritize recommendations in terms of ease of implementation vs. potential impact.
    Recommend short-term and longer-term next steps.
  • Assist the project team to adopt the recommended DevOps tools and processes in the development lifecycle of the solution.
  • Provide advice and guidance to the project team to configure a Dev/Test environment in Azure and to create automated build and release pipelines for the Dev/Test environment:Advice and guidance to provision the resources and infrastructure in Azure as code by leveraging tools such as ARM template or Terraform
    Advice and guidance for scripts and desired state configurations needed for building and deploying components of the solutions that cannot simply be deployed with ARM templates.
    Advice and guidance to incorporate tests (e.g. smoke, UI etc)  into the automated build process
    Advice and guidance to insert application insights hooks into one page of the target application and configure application insights in Azure. (Assuming Web based application)

Next Steps

If interested, you can click on “Apply here” or mail me at

NOTE: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted back.

Asha yadav | EA LIcence No.91C2918 | Personnel Registration No.R1876730

Address: Islandwide
Employment Type: Contract
Seniority Level: Professional
Min Experience: 5 years exp
Job Categories: Information Technology
Salary: $5,800 to $8,500 Monthly
Posted on:18 Aug 2020
Closed on: 17 Sep 2020

Posted in Information Technology, Job Posts, Professional on Aug 18, 2020