AI Computer Vision Engineer - ASUS GLOBAL PTE. LTD.

Roles & Responsibilities

AI Computer Vision Engineer

AICS is a newly formed organization incubating applied AI services that can leverage ASUS' large portfolio of hardware products to unlock a new generation of smart products and services. The team is building and deploying deep technologies in Data Analytics, Speech Recognition, Natural Language Understanding, and Computer Vision to help accelerate the transformation towards an AI-powered future.

Job Responsibilities:

· Develop and adapt advanced computer vision and state-of-the-art deep learning for object detection/ classification/ tracking, face recognition, scene understanding, and activity recognition applications

· Analyze and optimize performance on diverse data sets

· Design and architect practical systems for solving challenging image understanding problems

· Implement computationally complex model training and image understanding applications on high performance computational processing environments

· Work closely with an entrepreneurial team of experienced computer vision researchers and software engineers to successfully execute R&D projects and continue to grow our business


· Bachelor's Degree in computer science or related field with at least 5 years relevant experience

· Strong programming in Python, Java, or C++

· Independent analytical problem-solving skills

· Experience with Deep Neural Network models like CNN, R-CNN, VGGNet, ResNet

· Experience with Caffe or Tensorflow

· Experience on using OpenCV, OpenGL,  and DNN model tuning

· Ability to translate customer requirements to development plan

Employment Type: Full Time
Seniority Level: Senior Executive
Min Experience: 3 years exp
Job Categories: Engineering
Salary: $6,000 to $12,000 Monthly
Posted on:19 Aug 2020
Closed on: 18 Sep 2020

Posted in Engineering, Job Posts, Senior Executive on Aug 19, 2020