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Our Story

JobsGoWhere is a community support portal started by Lyte Ventures in collaboration with DollarsAndSense for people whose jobs have been affected by the pandemic, technological shifts or retrenchments. This site will provide hope, emotional and mental support and inspire the community to help each other. We want to help build resilience amongst the many who are going through a period of unprecedented change, getting used to remote working, finding their footing as freelancers, and seeking to maintain stable sources of income.

Our Vision

To build a supportive community of individuals who are invested in their future of work!


Our Belief on the Future of Work

We believe that the Future of Work will resemble a sharing economy where every individual will act like the freelancer of today. The recent economic slowdown has resulted in job losses and has accelerated the shift towards a new world of work. As businesses slowly adjust to include remote and flexible work arrangements, many are also waking up to the idea of using freelance talent and that these talents bring in specialised skills and project based skills.

We imagine that the demand for talent for short-term, temporary projects will continue to increase and become the new normal. We are already seeing how there are changes to work life balance as technology has enabled the gig economy to explode online and enabled people indulge in more passion-based projects.

The benefits of a freelancing include greater independence, diversified opportunities, exposure and experience that will enable them to secure even more opportunities in their careers. Individuals not only gain freedom and flexibility in their careers but they also learn the importance of high quality client relationships and getting the job done on time as they will become small business owners in their own right.

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We aim to provide the resources that will further empower individuals, community projects and small businesses through helping them achieve wider outreach and a following in the community.


Our commitment to supporting the community includes providing the latest resources in the form of articles and collating the latest existing public policies.


Through the power of stories, we are committed to building a strong community spirit that will carry its members and participants through any circumstance in their careers.


We aim to partner with individuals, organisations and businesses who can provide work opportunities for all.